Elaborated Platform Details

While the simplicity of our startup lies in our A) Concierge Service, B) Application, and C) Cryoptcurrency Coin…it honestly expands further than that. We plan to disrupt an entire industry and evolve the way Las Vegas is experienced. Below we’ve laid out our platform in detail, as well as our humble beginnings. Thank you for reading.

Having worked in the Las vegas nightlife industry since 2008, Darryll Dipietro opened Vegas Hospitality Group in 2014. It is a full service VIP hosting and concierge company brokering tables between his extensive contact list and his personal contacts within nightclub management. While running this he also worked at a Fremont Street casino as Director of VIP Services, Nightlife and a Craft Beer lounge as Director of Operations. In 2016 the gaming board took over nightlife operations and required a near unattainable promoter license to continue to broker tables between customers and venues. A need was established for a better way of doing things even then.

This change in nightlife operations had several promoters in Las Vegas looking to make a change. In 2016 Darryll asked a friend who worked in an HR department outside of nightlife and casinos for a job, and was hired. On the first day, he found out he would be working for Google, on the Play Store and its verticals. He became the best tier 1 agent in the campaign, and was promoted to operations team lead. His ability to interpret statistics and find solutions lead to the international ACW procedures overhaul in the fall of 2016. Darryll left Google in the spring of 2017 and decided to take some furthering education courses in coding, and at the same time was solicited to join a bitcoin hyip. That was the start of this company’s journey. Chris, Brandon, Steven and Darryll were all scammed by a high yield investment program called Bitcoin Brain, and with one sentence, “why can’t we build our own?”.

Initial research of this Bitcoin HYIP warned us that what we were victims of a ponzi scheme, and we wanted nothing to do with that. While we were all burned, we were entered into an emerging world that is clearly the future of currecy and transacting business. We discovered the world of Bitcoin Faucets, and we built our own called the Crypto-Cash Faucet. We paid out thousands to people all over the world, building a traffic base of over 50,000 website visits per month. A lot of questions came up about what a faucet was, and this led to the conclusion that we needed a forum. Our group’s goal was to become subject matter experts in the crypto world and offer a safe place for people to get information on cryptocurrency, and we new that a forum and blog was the place to do it. In 2017 after realizing a large gap in the nightlife market in Las Vegas…as well as seeing a trending industry on the rise, Coincierge Club was born.

Las Vegas is perfect because our Nevada governor signed SB 398 into law effective June 5th, 2017. With Nevada SB 398, Coincierge Club is protected from regulation by local government because we operate on blockchain technology. Our hosts will not need a promoter license, our users will not have to pay huge fees to transfer their currency to something spendable in Las Vegas and no taxes will be collected on transactions, allowing every property to see an increase in profit based just on the sales tax margin, around 8%.

How It Works

User experience will typically begin from our parent company, Crypto-Cash Hub, whose bounce rate impresses even seasoned SEO managers. We were able to build up our ranking in search engines due to our traffic, which we can attribute to Brandon and his knowledge in online management. Our marketing was heavy on the faucet to begin with, and then shifted towards our forum. In here potential users can ask us and other members questions related to our application, our coin and our vendor partnerships. We will offer exclusive packages for members only, available only with our coin.

Next step is to download our application, which will be available on Android via the Google Play Store (the very same), rolling out to Apple at a later date. Android controls the international market share with 2 billion active monthly users, so we are more focused on Android. The user will then create a profile, and connect either their credit/ debit card, a cryptocurrency wallet or their KickICO account. The same packages discussed on the forum and advertised on the website are available in the application for purchase. They are now able to buy as many Coincierge Club Coins as they need to finance their trip. Once a user has an active balance, human verification always follows from someone on our Coincierge team.

Users will be able to speak with us about spending their coins, so they are well informed of what is available, how the systems work and get exactly what they want in value. The user then pays their checkout total and each vendor is notified of the reservation, we are notified of the reservation and we get human verification from the vendor. The only thing left to do is for the user to check into the venue/ with the vendor, either with one of our hosts or on their own. The vendor will provide a QR code that the user will capture with our application to sign the transaction. The user may want to purchase items or services without a reservation, which is totally fine. The vendor will provide a QR code, the user will scan, and that vendors info including vendor specific info fields will show up in our application. If specified by the user, that info can auto populate. User agrees and hits send.

All good things must come to an end. The final part of the user experience is when their time in Las Vegas ends, and they wish to exchange their leftover Coincierge Club Coins back for their home currency (if applicable). It is as easy as hitting the “CASHOUT” button and your funds are exchanged at the current rate back to your original payment form. Vendors will be able to exchange their Coincierge Club Coins at current rates as well.