December 20

Beat the Bear Market Meet-up – Las Vegas, Nevada

This was a fun end of the year event put on by Erin, but at a different venue and more of a holiday party with gifts and giveaways. Great way to close out 2018!
December 12

CryptoBlockCon – Las Vegas, Nevada

We attended this event last year and it was a lot smaller. This year they had multiple speakers, 2 rooms and booths. We stepped in and hosted a VIP party at Light after the conference.
December 6

Art Decentralized – Miami Beach, Florida

As a newly signed Goldfingr (NYC deal and funding club), we were invited to be special guests at the Art Basel event, Art Decentralized. We were warmly introduced to venture fund managers, angel investors and a resort builder.
November 29

North American Blockchain Expo – Santa Clara, California

This was a huge milestone for us, as this event in 2017 was the first time we marketed our brand outside of Vegas. We obtained 2 strong partnerships at the first event and knew we would have a great experience. This did not let down.
November 27

Fintech on the Block – San Francisco, California

This event was added to our agenda after confirming our attendance for the North American Blockchain Expo.
November 14

Bitcoin Social – Las Vegas, Nevada

Erin manages to put on another amazing event, this time in Summerlin.
November 14

Crypto Intelligence – Las Vegas, Nevada

Erin was able to secure a 30 minute meet-up with Charlie Shrem while the Crypto Intelligence Show was being held next to the Traders Expo. Charlie was impressed with our product.
November 14

Traders Expo – Las Vegas, Nevada

The Traders Expo is the second show put on annually by the Money Show team. The Las Vegas Investment Club, which we are members, hosted a booth. This event ran in tandem with the Crypto Intelligence Show.
November 9

World Blockchain Forum – New York, New York

While in New York, Darryll and Jake attend the World Blockchain Forum, just a few blocks away.
November 8

Interviewed by Justin Wu live at the NASDAQ Stock Exchange – New York, New York

Darryll and Jake head to New York City to speak about crypto currency. This event was headlined by Justin Wu, Brock Pierce and Jeremy Gardner on the Nasdaq trading floor.
November 7

Integrity Crypto Show – San Diego, California

  We kick things off with a 30 minute fireside chat about how to scale a business from the ground up
November 1

Hosted VIP table at Chateau for conference attendees – Las Vegas, Nevada

We provided a more approachable club environment for WCC attendees.
October 31

Sponsored Tour de Crypto and co-hosted their welcome party at Aria – Las Vegas, Nevada

What started as a small gathering merged into a massive event at the Aria!
October 31

World Crypto Con – Las Vegas, Nevada

  Darryll gives a keynote speech while the team manages our 10 x 10 corner booth.
October 30

Hosted “Search 4 Satoshi Kickoff Party” at Sophia’s – Las Vegas, Nevada

Hosted by Kenn Bosak and Erin Nakamoto – This event kicked off our scavenger hunt.
October 25

Interviewed by Wayne on his Podcast, “From No Crypto To Know Crypto”

October 23

Crypto Invest Summit – Los Angeles, California

Kenn, Wayne and myself head to Los Angeles to attend CIS. Blockchain Beach lets us stay at the Crypto Space in San Pedro, California.
October 21

John Kim – Ken Bosak – Coincierge Club Coins – Las Vegas, Nevada

John Kim of Litecoin Foundation and Kenn Bosak download the Coincierge wallet, create accounts and pay for beer with Coincierge Club coins
October 21

Money 20/20 – Las Vegas, Nevada

We were home base for Kenn Bosak and Blockchain Wayne during Money 2020. We did not attend the actual event, but due to a broken deal, had our marketing all over the event.
October 18

Fall Classic Networking Event – Las Vegas, Nevada

Darryll and Chris attend an invite only networking event held at Angel Park golf course in Summerlin.
October 12

Crypto 101 with Kenn Bosak – Las Vegas, Nevada

Hosted by Kenn Bosak and Erin Nakamoto and sponsored by Tokes Platform and ourselves.
October 10

Launch Scale – San Francisco, California

We were vetted and invited to attend a 2 day scaling event, put on by some of the biggest names in venture and angel investing. It also happened to be San Francisco Blockchain Week, allowing us to attend additional events
September 26

Strategic Analytics Summit – Las Vegas, Nevada

Darryll presented 1 of a 3 part presentation on blockchain to a room consisting of MGM, Venetian and RTC as well as the FBI and Mayor of Henderson.
September 26

Bitcoin Social – Las Vegas, Nevada

Another amazing event put on by Erin and the Bitcoin Meetup group.
August 20

Bitcoin Social – Las Vegas, Nevada

Connecting the dots is what we do, and bringing social media powerhouse Kenn Bosak to local socialite Erin Hoensch’s Bitcoin Social made for a great event.
August 20

Blockshow by Cointelegraph – Las Vegas, Nevada

We go back to back Vegas crypto conferences, further establishing us as a leading blockchain company.
August 14

Chain X Change – Las Vegas, Nevada

Coincierge Clubl set up a marketing partnership with Chain X Change, passing nearly 90% saving on via a discount code. Darryll was interview by Coin Integrator. We hosted a VIP table for our guests at the Light Nightclub on the closing night.
August 8

Integrity Show – Las Vegas, Nevada

After Riccardo Spagni captivated the crowd, Darryll spoke about his journey and passion surrounding the crypto space. This event included a very high end crowd of developers, founders and hackers at the Integrity show.
July 19

Live on the air on LA 98.1 FM and 1220 AM – Los Angeles, California

Click here to see and hear the interview. Start video at 4:30
July 17

Bitcoin Social – Las Vegas, Nevada

This was our first time attending the Bitcoin Social, connecting together Vegas based crypto developers, founders and enthusiast
July 17

Big Data Innovation Summit – Las Vegas, Nevada

Darryll and Chris attend a data summit, further expanding our network with major enterprise providers.
June 11

Martha’s Vineyard Crypto Symposium – Edgartown, Massachusetts

Darryll and Jake “shipped up” to Boston to attend, exhibit and speak at the Martha’s Vineyard Crypto Symposium. Here Darryll was able to give a 30 minute presentation regarding our company and its vision for the future.
June 6

Future Tech Podcast

Darryll is interviewed by Lucian Gutica of FutureTech, click here
May 21

Recon – Las Vegas, Nevada

Darryll was a guest of Zenspace at the 2018 Recon conference in Las Vegas.
May 14

The Money Show – Las Vegas, Nevada

With Jake in New York, Darryll and Chris attended The Money Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.
May 14

Consensus NYC – New York, New York

We divide to conquer as Jake heads to New York City to attend Consensus during Blockchain week.
May 5

Meeting with the Mayor of Lafayette, Louisiana

Darryll and Jake traveled to Lafayette, Louisiana to meet with the mayor and tour their amazing city.
April 30

Collision 2018 – New Orleans, Louisiana

Darryll and Jake headed to the Big Easy to exhibit at Collision 2018.
April 7

Interview with Cody Crowley – Las Vegas, Nevada

Interview on Sean Logan’s Youtube channel by famous boxer Cody Crowley regarding how easy it is to use our Coincierge Club app.
March 16

Blockchain User Group Meetup – Las Vegas, Nevada

Darryll spoke at a second Blockchain Users Group meetup event, and after establishing himself in Gardena, was able to bring our marketing banners and hand out promotional hoodies and shirts. We also hosted the first ever “Crypto Crawl”, setting up a 2 venue stop with the ability to spend crypto..Read More
March 13

Blockchain User Group Meetup – Los Angeles, California

Outbound grassroots education about Coincierge Club Coin and all the value it brings to it’s users, vendors and other crypto companies.
March 12

World Economic Forum – San Francisco, California

Face to face meeting with Sheila Warren, Project Head, Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology at the World Economic Forum. We discussed our visions for a blockchain society and potential integrations, agreeing that our technology can help the project concept they are working on.
March 11

Worlds Nano Fair – San Francisco, California

The Worlds Nano Fair was a very cool experience, again allowing us to gauge technology and see if there is an opportunity to integrate with our technology.
February 16

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain Superconference – Dallas, Texas

Networking was the name of the game here, the host hotel provided a gathering area which allowed nearly around the clock networking. This event was interesting, as we missed the original tickets and were forced to get tickets to the “soft fork” which was held at a different hotel. This..Read More
February 13

Startup Grind – Redwood City, California

Our second trip to the Bay Area, this time for a startup event.  Darryll arrived early, and made every minute count, networking with Founders and VCs. A chance encounter opened up a huge opportunity with the World Economic Forum, and another put me in direct communication with Jeremy Gardner, Spencer..Read More
February 8

Interview with Tiffany Masters – Las Vegas, Nevada

Tiffany is a nightlife monster!  She has been friends with Kalika for years and has a strong interest in crypto. This was an opportunity to share with a different audience, and on a level everyone can understand.
February 4

Superbowl Party at G.O.A.T Sports Bar – Las Vegas, Nevada

“The Big Game” superbowl party at G.O.A.T sports bar allowed us to further our relationship with their management staff. We were able to co-brand gear which was passed out at the event. It was at this event that the owner agreed to accept crypto via our application. G.O.A.T has become..Read More
February 2

Culture and Cannabis Show – Las Vegas, Nevada

Our third time showcasing our application and technology. Here we were able to expand our local outreach, developing our customer database.
January 30

Google Play Store Listing

Google accepted and posted the Coincierge Wallet application on the Google Play Store, allowing anyone in our approved countries to download the Coincierge Wallet.
January 27

Tech on Broadway – Los Angeles, California

Our first event in LA, and our first Fintech event. It was a great experience and another shift in our model, as we were emerged in a panel about regulation and crypto. Information gained at this event has helped us stand out as a regulation compliant company.