Easy To Use Wallet

Available at the Google Play store, the Coincierge Club application features an easy to use wallet where multiple cryptocurrencies may be stored



Our application is perfect for those who prefer to use crypto currency to traditional money exchanges. Faster, safer and cheaper, Coincierge Club allows you to spend your digital currencies on your favorite goods and services at many locations in Las Vegas that accept our integrations. It also allows you access to 24/7 Concierge and support services to help plan any logistics needed. Customers can also get a personal host on the ground (Las Vegas) to make their trip even smoother. International customers will see additional savings by not needing to exchange their home currency.

Coincierge Club App


It begins as the customer downloads the Coincierge Club application from either Google Play or Apple app store (coming soon). They will create a profile which will create new private and public keys or they can import their waves keys into the user profile area. They can buy Coincierge Club coins from inside of our application. The same packages discussed on the forum and advertised on the website can be purchased with the application.

Coincierge Team

Our coin will be supported by our Coincierge team, who will receive their pay in our Coin, keeping everything on blockchain technology. We only choose experienced locals for our Coincierge Team who are eager to help out the customer in any way. They will also be able to receive gratuities from users via our application.

Host Team

Our coin is supported by our host team, who are excited to be able to offer exceptional services to their current and future clients via blockchain technology. We will seek host candidates that are either tired of dealing with the gaming board or can’t qualify for a promoter license and thus, need our blockchain technology to take advantage of SB 398. These host will receive their commissions from their table sales in our coin as well as any potential gratuities from customers.

Crypto Traders

Our coin will be available for trade on popular exchanges, and supported by traders who see the value in a service backed currency.