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Coincierge Club is going to change how a user purchases goods and services. Paired with its parent company, Crypto-Cash Hub, users begin their experience months prior by visiting the Crypto-Cash Forum and posting questions related to our Coin and services. When the user is ready, they download the app and exchange their currencies into the Coincierge Club wallet. This is a private key wallet which can hold nearly 10k different coins. At this point, human verification via one of our Coincierges follows. As an account member with a positive balance, you are entitled to 24/7  VIP Coincierge support. Our hosts can provide additional on the ground support as needed. When it comes time to execute the sale, the user scans a QR code provided by the venue or service provider, specifies the amount needed and hits send. Our Coin will be accepted at all major nightclubs to start, eventually rolling out to every slot machine, restaurant, hotel, parking lot, and integrating with applications like Uber and Lyft. The application can work for any business with a point of sale terminal.


Unique Selling Proposition

What makes us unique and truly exceptional in our marketplace is the team that we put together. In the last 10 years, our managing partner worked up the ladder in the Las Vegas nightlife industry, and then when faced with new regulations, landed at Google. He is a subject matter expert in nightlife and hospitality, and also has an excellent working knowledge of how the Google Play Store operations work on the back end. His contact database consists of over 5000 customers, which will lead to instant bottle service customers for Coincierge Club. His local contact database consists of hotel presidents, hotel managers, nightclub managers, concierges and numerous other industry professionals. He has won awards for his support and influence in the nightlife, including presidents of nightlife, biggest industry supporter and on October 5th, 2012, was named one of Las Vegas’s Top 100 Most Influential People. Brandon Davis is a design and online marketing expert. He owns MNGR, an online presence management company, handling content and search engine management for major companies. He is a Google, Bing, and Yahoo Gemini specialist and is a web design expert, which gives us a huge advantage over less socially acclimated companies. Chris Starr came on as an investor, and quickly showed us his ability to build social platforms. He has solely managed our Instagram account to over 1k followers in under 1 month, along with co-managing our Facebook page. He is also an industry professional, with a working knowledge of how casino sports books operate as well as ride share companies like Uber and Lyft. Michael Hugh is an expert coder, developer and programer, who currently works as a United States department of defense subcontractor.


Proximity wraps up our USP, as we are lucky to live in a free trade zone in the United States, Las Vegas Nevada. Nevada passed SB 398, which prohibits interference for other government agencies, specifically stating that:

Sec. 13  – 1  A local governmental entity shall not:

(a) Impose any tax or fee on the use of a blockchain or smart contract by any person or entity

(b) Require any person or entity to obtain from the local governmental entity any certificate, license or permit to use a blockchain or smart contract;

(c) Impose any other requirement relating to the use of a blockchain or smart contract by any person or entity.

Our Vision:

Our vision is very simple, we want to make Las Vegas safer, transactions quicker and the overall process cost less. We also want to offer white glove (American Express Black Card) level service to any of our users, providing value not obtainable currently without paying a host, which can potentially be very dangerous and currently illegal without a promoter license (SB 398 allows us to circumvent that). Our overall vision is a paperless Las Vegas, where users transact with their phones directly with each venue.

Our Coin’s Economy:


The success of Coincierge Club begins with the vendors that will use our technology and vendor portal. Currently we have 2 nightclubs, 1 strip club, 1 independent hosting company and 1 sports bar committed to accepting crypto payments via our application. Our Phase 1 roll out consisted of Light Nightclub, Chateau Nightclub and Sophia’s Gentlemen’s Club. Phase 2 goal of our roll out is to have XS, Intrigue, Tao, Drais, Marquee and Hyde ready to accept cryptocurrencies via our application, this will begin December 31st, 2017. Phase 3 will include Crazy Horse 3, Spearmint Rhino, Sapphire and Hustler integration by Memorial Day Weekend 2018. We anticipate full Las Vegas industry rollout by Labor Day Weekend 2018.

Our application will be supported by the customers using it, who will prefer cryptocurrency to a traditional money exchange. Faster, safer and cheaper, Coincierge Club will allow a customer to spend more with the vendor. It will also allow them 24/7 Coincierge services available to help them plan any logistics needed. Customers can also get a personal host on the ground (Las Vegas) to make their trip even smoother. International customers will see additional savings by not needing to exchange their home currency.


Next Step:

Next step is to begin to develop the slot machine integration, with roll out slated for 12/31/2018. We have a casino on Fremont street committed to beta testing so we can work the bugs out. Current market is 11.1 billion. This will be re-evaluated prior to slot machine launch. If current revenue stays at 11.1 billion, then we will release 10,000,000,000 more Coins or adjust that number appropriately.

We hope to have all of the day clubs up and running by Memorial Day Weekend 2019. 

Major Strip casino roll out target date 2 years from launch of our coin sale campaign: 8/29/2019.

This will coincide the livery roll out, placing our systems in all the cabs and limos, while launching our integration to Uber and Lyft (and any other mobile ride share app).


User Experience:


It begins as the customer downloads the Coincierge Club application from either Google Play or Apple app store (coming soon). They will create a profile which will create new private and public keys or they can import their waves keys into the user profile area. They can buy Coincierge Club coins from inside of our application. The same packages discussed on the forum and advertised on the website can be purchased with the application.

Coincierge Team:

Our coin will be supported by our Coincierge team, who will receive their pay in our Coin, keeping everything on blockchain technology. We only choose experienced locals for our Coincierge Team who are eager to help out the customer in any way. They will also be able to receive gratuities from users via our application.

Crypto Traders:

Our coin will be available for trade on popular exchanges, and supported by traders who see the value in seasonal travel patterns (slow season vs busy season). The value will increase on major holiday or fight weekends due to value cap.

The Hosts:

Our coin is supported by our host team, who are excited to able able to offer exceptional services to their current and future clients via blockchain technology. We will seek host candidates that are either tired of dealing with the gaming board or can’t qualify for a promoter license and thus, need our blockchain technology to take advantage of SB 398. These host will receive their commissions from their table sales in our coin as well as any potential gratuities from customers.

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From humble beginnings as a social hub and forum for Crypto talk, to changing the way one can experience Las Vegas and a custom developed application available on all major app stores…we have much to show you regarding our platform.

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