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About Coincierge

Coincierge is a brand being developed by Future Stuff Incorporated, a Delaware based corporation who originally incorporated on March 9th, 2020. The business was established when Darryll DiPietro and Chris Starr hired Wilson Sonsini to create a new corporate entity for attracting venture capital funds. Darryll has 13 years of hospitality experience in Las Vegas. Chris has been involved in Bitcoin since it was $37 and has experience with front and back of the house casino operations. Future Stuff Incorporated is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The idea of Coincierge came from a gaming law which was applied to nightlife in 2016, causing non gaming casino establishments to require gaming licences of their employees. 

The process of buying goods and services is complicated and expensive due to credit card companies and banks charging massive fees and taking multiple days to clear transfers. The paper currency alternative poses a security risk, especially in high end international tourism markets, where large products are purchased typically with exchanged USD currency. Currently customers must decide whether they value security and if it is worth the extra expense. Some peer to peer exchanges are currently operating, yet take days to move the currency and charge you a large percentage of the transaction. Paper fiat currency is losing popularity due to current health standards. 

The Coincierge Wallet and Coincierge Pro offer a faster, lower cost and safer alternative to traditional commerce solutions. The Coincierge Wallet can hold over 40,000 different crypto currencies and transact with the Coincierge Pro at speeds up to 3x faster than Visa. 

The Coincierge Wallet application allows our users to buy goods and services with over 40,000 different currencies, store value and make instant person to vendor transfers. The app is available now at the Google Play App store, with availability on the iTunes store and web browser coming soon. You can create a profile, create new private and public keys, or import your keys into the user profile and have the peace of mind that your information is safe, secure, and encrypted. 

The Coincierge Wallet will be used by consumers seeking safer, less expensive and faster ways to buy goods and services. Users will download the Coincierge Wallet and fund their wallet. Users can then go shopping for goods or services at any location where Coincierge Pro is installed. The vendor will ring up the user, and create a QR code that reflects that ticket. User scans and approves the transaction and the coins are moved to the wallet address associated with their Coincierge Pro account. 

You can buy Coincierge coins from inside the application using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin. Coincierge Wallet is perfect for those who prefer to use crypto currency over traditional money exchanges. Additional Coincierge Pro features are currently being developed and will include multiple tabs with line items, split checks, inventory controls and employee time management. Offered at no cost to the business and extremely easy to use, it can replace nearly any existing P.O.S. system.

We are currently able to perform 250,000 transactions per second which is 3x faster than Visa’s current limits. We are able to provide a powerful and intuitive platform with zero cost to you, which will help your business grow while avoiding credit card processing fees.

Our goal is to disrupt the gaming, tourism and fintech industries by providing an easy, safe and secure way to transact with businesses while adding additional value with hospitality amenities. We envision being everywhere, from grocery stores to gas stations, providing nearly every crypto asset an avenue to liquidity. 

The future is paperless and open source. More and more people are demanding transparency of their information and currencies. We offer a full ecosystem which will change how businesses transact with their customers.