Coincierge Wallet

The Coincierge Wallet allows our users to purchase goods and services, store value and make instant person to vendor transfers using over 40,000 different digital assets.

You can create a profile, create new private and public keys, or import your keys into the user profile and have the peace of mind that your information is safe, secure, and encrypted.

Coincierge Wallet is a mobile private key wallet with over 40,000 supported digital assets, significantly more inclusive than any other single wallet.


The Coincierge Wallet is perfect for those who prefer to use crypto currency over traditional money exchanges. Faster, safer and cheaper, the Coincierge Wallet allows you to spend your digital currencies on your favorite goods and services at many locations around the world.

It begins as the customer downloads the Coincierge Wallet from either Google Play or Apple app store (coming soon). They will create a profile which will create new private and public keys or they can import their waves keys into the user profile area.

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Available at the Google Play store, the Coincierge Wallet features an easy to use wallet where over 40,000 crypto currencies can be stored

Over 800,000 wallets on the Waves blockchain

Gateways: BTC, BCH, ETH, Waves, ZEC, XMR, Dash, LTC