The Release

Coincierge is a brand developed by Future Stuff Incorporated, a Delaware based corporation. Coincierge offers five very unique products designed to interact with each other, yet provide value independently.

Coin (Holding) – A hospitality and service backed digital asset which allows access to tourism amenities not available to standard travelers.

Coin (Spending) – A means of payment for goods and services in our vendor network. Users can spend their Coincierge coins on specific goods and services, such as gratuities for entry, access and complimentary alcohol or things like beer, books and VR arcades.

Wallet – A mobile private key wallet with over 40,000 different decentralized digital assets. This wallet holds all Waves assets plus BTC, ETH, Dash and Z cash. ERC-20 and TRC-20 gateways are in development.

Pro – Web and android based professional point of sale software interface which connects directly to the Coincierge wallet network. This point of sale will grant access to over 40,000 digital assets for users to spend at our vendor network. Vendors will not have to worry about paying transaction fees or customer chargebacks.

API – Forward facing API allowing integrations for any website or application. Easy to read documentation will give any development team an easy how to guide to crypto payment integration.

The problem with the blockchain and crypto currency space is that there is no true solution to spending alt coins. A few solutions exist that allow conversion to fiat currency, but there is not a true ecosystem for the alt coin market.

Our solution was to create a blockchain based payment service ecosystem which allows users to spend nearly every alt coin on goods and services in the safest, fastest and most secure way using our Coincierge Wallet and Coincierge Pro. Benefits of using the Coincierge suite of applications allows for lower cost and streamlined experience for the customer and venue. Our background in hospitality and service led us to create a service-backed crypto currency, allowing holders access to a “Coincierge” 24/7. Coincierge offers a true white glove level service to all of our users and vendors, currently serving Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego, New York City, Austin, New Orleans and Miami.

The future is a paperless experience, where people transact directly with vendors using the blockchain technology available in the Coincierge Pro point of sale. We believe blockchain technology will be the driving force in the evolution of humanity. We seek to disrupt how value and data is understood by society. We strive to bring the best technology to market. Coincierge Wallet and Coincierge Pro were designed to work together, removing the high charges when buying goods or services.

Why now? Bitcoin dominance fell below 85% on March 6th, 2017 and has never recovered. The need for an alt coin payment solution has never been greater as 100’s of new projects emerge into the market.

The Reason

The media should pay attention to this because the speeds the application can run are over 3x what Visa can do. They remove the huge cost of a custom point of sale, and remove any processing fees from vendors. All fees are user generated. This is a 100% remote company.

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