Coincierge Pro

Coincierge Pro is a point of sale application built on the Android platform, designed to provide secure, chargeback proof transactions at no cost to the vendor.

In developing the Coincierge Pro Point of Sale, we understood that the future of finance is a paperless experience where customers transact directly with vendors utilizing blockchain technology.

Coincierge Wallet and Coincierge Pro were designed to work together, removing the high charges associated with currency transfers when buying goods or services.

Benefits of using the comprehensive Coincierge suite of applications as a cohesive system, including a lower cost and safer experience for both the customer and the venue.

No Chargebacks!

A blockchain transaction can never be reversed, changed or manipulated after it has been confirmed

Easy Integration

We provide easy to integrate API documentation

Coincierge Pro point of sale solution allows businesses to accept crypto currency for goods and services. Offered at no cost to the business, it can replace nearly any existing P.O.S. system. Coincierge Pro is the fastest technology available for sending currency, with speeds capable of over 3 times what Visa has recorded. This is the future of currency, allowing users to control their money and spend it freely without paying huge bank or credit card fees.

We are able to provide a powerful and intuitive platform at zero additional cost to the vendor, which will facilitate margin growth via avoidance of credit card processing fees.