Our Mission

To provide the highest level of service and create value for our loyalty club members

Coincierge Club

Coincierge Club aims to pair the versatility and security of crypto currency with the VIP service one would expect in the hospitality industry, providing the golden standard of service to both users and vendors alike.

Coincierge Club began as a cryptocurrency developed for the nightlife and physical gaming industries, offering phone support and hosting unlike any other altcoin on the market. This quickly evolved to a worldwide service as members joined the “Club”.

When a Coincierge Club member purchases coins, they are contacted by one of our “Coincierges”. As an account member with a positive balance, you are entitled to 24/7 VIP Coincierge support. Our hosts in select cities can provide additional on the ground support as needed.

The Coin Economy

The only digital asset backed by hospitality!

Owning Coincierge Club coins also grants access to our 24/7 “Coincierge” service, providing VIP amenities in select tourism destinations.

These include discounts on hotels, free access to VIP nightlife, exclusive world wide events and tourism logistics.

Coincierge Team

The Coincierge Club Coin is supported by our Coincierge team, who receive their pay in our Coin, keeping everything within blockchain technology.

The Coincierge team is comprised entirely of local Las Vegas residents, eager to help out any visitor to this city and be a part of this growing global industry.

They will also be able to receive gratuities from users via our application.

Host Team

The Coincierge Club Coin is supported by our Host Team, who are excited to be able to offer exceptional services to their current and future clients via blockchain technology.

These hosts will receive their commissions from their table sales in our coin as well as any potential gratuities from customers.

Crypto Traders

Our coin will be available for trade on popular exchanges, and supported by traders who see the value in a service backed currency. We are currently listed on the Waves DEX and have partnered with Komodo and Alt.Market, with full integration coming in Q3 of 2019. 

Coincierge Club Coin ID


Circulating Supply – 174110026

Total Presale – 45734

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Token Distribution


Sponsorships or Deals in Coincierge Club Coins

Founders – 10,000,000 frozen until August 29th, 2019

Investors – 10,000,000 frozen until December 31st, 2017 (remaining to founders)

Pre-ICO – 130,000,000 available at $0.07 per coin

ICO – 250,000,000 available at $0.33 per coin

Bounty – remaining ICO coins available at $0.40 and rewarded for bounties

$25k – Cody Crowley Boxing Title Fight

$30k – Martha’s Vineyard Crypto Symposium

$30k – FutureTech Expo and Podcast

$5k – Blockchain East NYC conference

$20k – Strategic Analytics Summit

$50k – World Crypto Con conference

$12m – Rio Vista Universal PR contract

$10k – Connect Blockchain Founders Position


We run a weekly payroll in our coin, that is averaged around 36,000 coins per week depending on our staffing level.

Here is our payroll account address: 3PBPpbRZgVBs4KBLforU7e8YnNBMmBC2Vwb

Current Pricing Factors


We at Coincierge have done everything we can to provide value for our coin. It is one of the only crypto currencies outside of the top 10 that is gladly accepted for good and services with our vendors

The Coincierge Club Coin is also a utility on the Waves Platform, allowing user to pay their transaction fees in our Coin

The Coincierge Club Coin is listed on the Waves DEX, which is a truly decentralized exchange, allowing users to hold their private keys. This means that it can not be controlled and is subject to buy and sell orders

Buy or Sell

Coincierge Club Coins are available for purchase or sale on the Waves DEX via an array of paired crypto currencies

Top Pairs




Waves World

You can buy Coincierge Club Coins directly inside of our application. You can also buy them from app.coincierge.club/shop using the following



Bitcoin Cash


You can sell your coins for goods or services at the following venues: Goat Sports Bar, Light Nightclub and Chateau Nightclub