Kathy Tomin

Kathy Tomin and her husband Max came into the Coincierge family in a very unique way. At around 3pm on day 4 of CES 2018, the surrounding booths began to pack up. An exhausted, Chris and Darryll were dedicated to staying open until event was officially over at 4pm. Around 3:30pm the business phone began to ring. After 7 calls back to back, and lots of missed logistics, Darryll walked across the convention floor and escorted Kathy and Max to the Coincierge booth. The 4 of them discussed the concept, their new positioning after the CES experience and the potential for expansion. 


Within days, Kathy and Max connected Coincierge with a family office located in Las Vegas and invested into the seed round. These funds provided crucial logistics in the beginning of a massive bear market. Coincierge continued to grow, attending conferences and expanding the brand reach due to their support. A second investment during the heat of the bear market is directly connected to the survival of the Coincierge Club, Wallet & Pro, Crypto-Cash Hub, Inc and the renewable energy project. 


The final meeting with Kathy was in November, where Darryll, Chris and Kathy discussed a program to teach kids to code. We were saddened by the news of her passing and will always regard her as a critical and much needed addition to the team. Darryll used to call her our Angel Investor, and respectively so, she now has fulfilled that name. Rest in peace Kathy Tomin.